Voyevodins' Library _ "International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace" / Charles W.L. Hill

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International Business:
Competing in the Global Marketplace

Charles W.L. Hill

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Table of Contents

Part I - Introduction and Overview

Chapter One Globalization

Part II - Country Factors

Chapter Two Country Differences in Political Economy

Chapter Three Differences in Culture

Part III - The Global Trade and Investment Envirionment

Chapter Four International Trade Theory

Chapter Five The Political Economy of International Trade

Chapter Six Foreign Direct Investment

Chapter Seven The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment

Chapter Eignt Regional Economic Integration

Part IV - The Global Monetary System

Chapter Nine The Foreign Exchange Market

Chapter Ten The International Monetary System

Chapter Eleven The Global Capital Market

Part V - The Strategy and Structure of International Business

Chapter Twelve The Strategy of International Business

Chapter Thirteen The Organization of International Business

Chapter Fourteen Entry Strategy and Strategic Alliances

Part VI - Business Operations

Chapter Fifteen Exporting, Importing, and Countertrade

Chapter Sixteen Global Manufacturing and Materials Management

Chapter Seventeen Global marketing and R&D

Chapter Eighteen Global Human Resource Management

Chapter Nineteen Accounting in the International Business

Chapter Twenty Financial Management in the International Business